The story of a ghost, a motorcycle taxi and disappeared at Lake Situ Leutik Banjar


BANJAR, CILACAP.INFO – The construction of the Situ Leutik dan has added to the list of natural tourism destinations in the city of Banjar.

Geographical Location of the Lake (Pasirnagara Hamlet and Babakanpace Hamlet) Cibeureum Village, Banjar City, West Java.

Traveling to Situ Leutik in Kota Banjar. In addition, it will be treated to views of the water can also make you calm because of the charm and beauty there. But reversed as a goal, it turns out successful in a horror or mystical story.

Before becoming a tourist vehicle that has been known by the public both from the city of banjar and outside the area as it is now, this place used to have a haunted impression.

Haunted and sinister impression about this situation was told by local residents who are close to Little Lake named Leutik.

It is said that, residents who were expelled around Situ Leutik were often harassed by supernatural figures (ghosts) who appeared like Beautiful Women.

Not only that, but the ghosts that according to local people named Jernah are not only called local people. But residents from outside the area were also disturbed by the figure of the owner of the fine.

At that time, there were motorcycle taxi drivers who used to hang out at the Banjar City Terminal. Suddenly he was visited by a woman who looked beautiful. He asked if the woman was a ghost, so the woman asked a motorcycle taxi driver to take her to locations around Leutik.